The World Of


Welcome to Espiral, a truly immersive dining experience that stimulates all of your senses. We strive to craft a multi-sensory atmosphere that goes beyond the mere taste of the food, incorporating captivating visuals, enchanting sounds, enticing aromas, and tantalizing textures. Step into our restaurant and embark on a culinary journey that engages every facet of your sensory perception.


For the Senses

Our Food

Sit back and get ready to transport your palate all the way across the Mediterranean to Spain. Our menu features a variety of traditional and reimagined Spanish dishes, that are not only delectable, but visually stunning and will surely appease all your senses. Complimenting this naturally, is an extensively curated wine list featuring bottles from Spain and all around the world.

Our Interior

A true journey for the senses – walk through our doors and enter another world. Dining al fresco in the Garden of Delights, catching glimpse of what lies behind Paradise’s Door, ascend through the clouds and if you are daring enough, lay your hands on the forbidden fruit of Eden. All this awaits you at Espiral.

For booking more than 10 persons, we kindly request you to contact our team.