The (Un)Holy Trinity draws inspiration from three female characters either taken directly from the Bible, or inspired by the inconsistencies found within, to explore the deep-seated notion of the ‘fallen woman’. Eve, Lilith and Salome – who through their supposedly unnatural acts of defiance,  aggression, or desire for autonomy – have been demonised throughout history to serve as a warning as to how disruptive and destructive female sexuality can be if left unchecked.

For All We Know, We Know Nothing 5

For All We Know, We Know Nothing is an art animation series by Dmitry Zakharov that seamlessly fuses enigmatic concepts of transcending time, silence, meditation, and novel technologies. It signifies a profound exploration of the thresholds between our accepted reality and the unexplored depths of our imagination.

Reverie Flowers (Landscape)

Reverie Flowers (Landscape) is one of the artworks comprising the Dreamy Code collection by Yuma Yanagisawa. Made up of 8 generative artworks, Dreamy Code is a collection by Yuma Yanagisawa that explores fluid and organic movements generated by algorithms. The series consists of a number of generative sculptures and paintings that utilize modern technologies such as generative AI, particle simulation, and ray tracing.

Rotating Flower (Pink)

Rotating Flower (Pink) is a work that revolves around a process rather than a state. The fluctuating forms undergo an endless transformation from a tightly furled bloom to a fully unfolded flower. Rather than a sublime beauty of a flower, the work celebrates the beauty of change through the rapid unfurling of an inverted flower-form. Constantly in flux, Rotating Flower (Pink) challenges the the ability of a viewer to set a context for the imagery they are seeing.